Wednesday, July 27, 2011

How to grow eyelashes longer?

We all want to know the answer and yes it is possible for all of us to have longer beautiful healthier lashes. It is called technology. Before it was available only by prescription but now it is at our fingertips.
I will just cover three of my favorite ones and yes I have tried 2 of the three I will be talking about today.Let me start by saying that I have lost quite a bit of lashes and eyebrows and I needed to try one of this products to solve my problem.

This is my picture as you can see One eye has more lashes and one eyebrow has more growth than the other. I decided to only use the eyelash enhancing product only on one eye to see the results.

The first product  is Smashbox Lash Revival Treatment and Conditioner. $39LASH REVIVAL TREATMENT & CONDITIONER

This formula contains SymPeptide, a complex proven to stimulate lashes without irritation while enhancing the look of existing lashes.  It promised to give us longer luster lushes in as little as 8 weeks.

And it does. Look at the picture. You must use it every day at night time only, like an eyeliner along the lash line. You must follow with the conditioner once treatment is dry.

The Second product is Dermaglow Nuvectin Lash Enhancer . Growth and conditioner treatment  $60.
I received mine as a gift , amazing results and very gentle and easy to use. Had friends trying it and the reviews were fantastic. Clinically proven to increase 25% the appearance of lash length and can be use on eyebrows also.

Third product  (does not need a lot of introduccion)  is Rapid Lash $59.  I have seen so many fantastic results with this product. It really started me in the search for How to get longer lashes quest.

RapidLash  is clinically proven to be safe and effective in enhancing the appearance of eyelashes and brows. Easy to use, only once a day and you will see results in just one tube. In my search of lash enhancers this one is the one that comes out as the prefered choice of customers.

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